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Sponsorship of ‘Mandira’ – Nepal

Mandira is from Sindupalchowk – which is towards the border with Tibet along the Bhote Kosh River. Her village, Jholbide, is on the opposite ridge to my mother-in-law’s village (which is called Lhamo Sangu – or long bridge). It is a beautiful area of villages sliding off steep hillsides with a river in the gorge below.

Binda decided to leave the village when Mandira was an infant because her husband is apparently crazy and was not supporting his family. She came to live with her sister Gita in Kathmandu who lives a few doors down from us. She couldn’t afford to keep her children, so she gave her son, Ram Sharan, to the Church for schooling in a hostel (Ram Sharan is now 15 and has finished his year 10 with great marks and will study science now).

She gave her elder daughter Indira who was 5 to various people, but it didn’t work out. We then took Indira until Binda was on her feet. Indira was so traumatised that people suspected she was brain damaged. She is now fine and topping her class. Indira visits our house nearly every day. Mandira always stayed with her mum and missed out on some of the worst of the family’s hardships because she was a baby.

She is happy, social and smart (although doesn’t always apply herself). So far Mandira has gone to a free school for poor girls run by the Catholic church, but she is too old now and must find another school. We chose Gyanodaya Bal Batika because her sister Indira goes there and because it has one of the best sports programs in Nepal as well as a very highly regarded academic program – hence, it is suited to an all rounder like Mandira.

Official Travel Agent of Live Out Loud – The Nat Cook Foundation

We were honoured to join forces with Natalie Cook – Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalist and her foundation early in 2015. The Live Out Loud Foundation’s mission is to TACKLE CHILDHOOD OBESITY BY INCREASING LEVELS OF HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.

The Live Out Loud foundation believes that the best way to reduce instances of childhood obesity is to educate, and provide opportunities for our Aussie kids to be active, learn about nutrition and empower them to be themselves. It is about building confidence through sport, fun and teamwork.

As the official travel agent of the foundation, The Adventure Traveller provides support in raising funds in a variety of ways. One way is by donating a percentage of every travel booking made by any friend of the LOL foundation. Contact Us to find out more.