The Adventure Traveller is located in Brisbane where we have been providing tailor made travel services for clients locally, interstate & internationally for over 23 years. Each of our dedicated and passionate consultants has a wealth of personal travel and industry experience.

We understand that planning your travel should be as enjoyable as the journey itself, so when engaging with any one of our Adventure Traveller consultants, you will:

Have access to years of experience

Experience personable and professional service

Save time and receive great value for money

Enjoy peace of mind with our full support at every step

Our mantra is, that every journey is an adventure – and that takes on many different forms. Whether it’s trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, driving yourself around the South of France or kicking back on a 6* luxury cruise, we cater for everyone.













We are delighted to announce our new partnership with
‘The Small Ship Collective’

What does this mean for you as a valued Adventure Traveller client? To start, we have a brand new dedicated Cruise Website where you can discover hundreds of cruise itineraries with an extensive list of small ship cruise lines.

Thanks to our partnership, we also have access to a range of exclusive deals and promotions. We recognised that many people who have cruised on large ships are now looking for a new experience that small ships offer. Having said, we still can and do book any cruise – no matter the size of ship, destination or itinerary.

William Docherty, Co-founder and Director of The Adventure Traveller and Exclusively Scotland was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He has been in Australia for 38 years and in that time, has travelled back to Scotland 41 times.

His passion for the Scottish Scenery, History, and Culture is undeniable and he enjoys nothing more than sharing his local knowledge with others who wish to experience all the delights Scotland has to offer.

In his 29 years as a Travel Agent (23 of those years with The Adventure Traveller) he has sent many people to experience the Best that Scotland has to offer including Groups of up to 90 people all the way through to single travellers wanting a unique highland adventure and literally everything in between.

William’s son Liam, is an accomplished bagpiper in an Australian Pipe Band which performed at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2018 and 2022 and Also came third in the Juvenile A grade World Championships at Glasgow Green in 2018 and 3rd in Grade 4A World Championships in 2022


We specialise in creating the perfect itinerary to suit your every need.

Each of our consultants have vast travel experience and extensive industry knowledge, providing you with personalised service you won’t find online.



“For all its faults, the world is an amazing and wonderful place, and I want to see as much of it as I can. I firmly believe that even though you may not particularly like a place, it is worth visiting.”

* Antarctica * Argentina * Australia * Austria * Bahamas * Bahrain * Barbados * Belgium * Bolivia * Botswana * Brazil * Cambodia * Canada * Chile * China * Colombia * Cook Islands * Costa Rica * Cuba * Croatia * Czech Republic * Denmark * Ecuador * Falkland Islands * Fiji * France * French Polynesia * Germany * Great Britain * Greece * Hong Kong * India * Indonesia * Italy * Ireland * Jordan * Kenya * Macau * Malaysia * Malawi * Mexico * Monaco * Namibia * Netherlands * New Zeland * Norway * Panama * Peru * Reunion * Scotland * South Africa * South Korea * Singapore * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * Tanzania * Thailand * United States of America * Vanuatu * Vatican City * Vietnam * Zambia * Zimbabwe

Dean has been involved in retail travel since 1989.  His experience, expertise and understanding of airfares and the intricacies of the travel industry allows him to construct innovative itineraries and obtain the best deals for his clients. With great attention to detail, he ensures that his clients maximise their time available and derives enormous satisfaction from surprising them with what may be possible on their budget. Encouraging them to enjoy the great experiences that a well planned trip can provide. A dedicated and passionate traveller, he has travelled in all continents having visited Antarctica in 2004 and feels that for all its faults, the world is a wondrous and amazing place.  He believes that travelling is an essential part of one’s growth and education and goes a long way in making people more tolerant and understanding.


“There is no substitute for experiences in life and travel opens your mind to diverse cultures, food, music, languages, fashions, people and natural wonders. Go on “Take the road less travelled.”

* Antarctica * Argentina * Australia * Austria * Barbados * Bolivia * Brazil * Cambodia * Canada * China * Colombia * Cuba * Egypt * Ecuador * Fiji * France * Germany * Great Britain * Greece * Hong Kong * India * Indonesia * Ireland * Italy * Jordan * Kenya * Laos * Malaysia * Malawi * Maldives * Mongolia * Nepal * New Zealand * Norway (Including Spitzbergen, Arctic) * Peru * Portugal * Russia (Trans-Mongolian Railway) * Scotland * Singapore * South Africa * South Korea * Spain (Including Canary Islands & Majorca) * Tahiti * Tanzania * Thailand * United States of America (Including Hawaii) * Vanuatu * Vietnam * Wales * Zambia * Zimbabwe


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.  Explore. Dream. Discover”. (Mark Twain)

*Antarctica *Argentina *Australia *Austria *Cambodia *Canada *Chile *China *Cuba *Ecuador *Egypt *Fiji *France *Germany *Great Britain *Greece *Hong Kong *India *Indonesia *Italy *Ireland *Jordan *Kenya *Luxembourg *Malaysia *Maldives *Mexico *Mauritius *Nepal *New Zealand *Peru *Portugal *Rwanda *Scotland *Singapore *Spain *Switzerland *Thailand *Turkey *United Kingdom *United Arab Emirates *United States of America *Vanuatu *Vatican City *Vietnam

Glenda is driven by making her clients travel dreams come true.  Her attention to detail and total commitment to ensuring her clients experience the ultimate travel experience has quickly established her as a leading consultant in the travel industry. Having travelled extensively with her family, she understands what it takes to ensure you get value for money, combined with an unforgettable, exciting safe journey. Her ideas and advice will make your trip planning an enjoyable and educational experience  leaving you with piece of mind that everything’s organised.


“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is often unaware. My job is to share these secrets with you”.

* Antarctica * Argentina * Australia * Austria * Belgium * Bolivia * Botswana * Brunei Darussalam * Cambodia * Chile * China * Estonia * Finland * Fiji * France * Germany * Great Britain * Holland * Hong Kong * India * Indonesia (Including Bali, Java, Sumatra & Sulawesi) * Ireland * Laos * Liechtenstein * Luxembourg * Malaysia (Including Sabah & Sarawak, Borneo) * Papua New Guinea * Peru * New Zealand * Scotland * Singapore * South Africa * Sri Lanka * Switzerland * Taiwan * Thailand * United States of America * Vanuatu * Vietnam *  Wales * Zambia * Zimbabwe

Devin has worked in the travel industry since 2001. His areas of expertise lie in constructing weird and wonderful tailor-made tours to far flung corners of the world, and working out kooky airfares that many travel agents would put in the ‘too hard’ basket. He has an in-depth knowledge about all destinations however he is particularly passionate about South America, Antarctica, South-East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.


“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Before becoming a Travel Agent: Cabin crew.

Favourite cities: Havana; Vancouver.

Most beautiful place: Rome at night.

Best hotel: Marriott Surfer Paradise.

Best bar: Small with great atmosphere.

Most exciting moment: Swimming with dolphins, Florida

Scariest : Masai Mara Camp site with Rhino outside.

Hottest place: Cairo Egypt.

Best shopping: Bartering on the beaches – Mombasa.

Favourite destinations:Costa Rica; Barbados.

Best Beaches:Maldives; Seychelles.

Most surprising destination:Denver.

Ideal holiday destination:Thailand.

Most fun place: Jamaica.

Most embarrassing: Childhood caravanning.

Most interesting flight: Too many after working on planes!

Coldest place: Germany.

Best food:Tapas in Madrid; Freshly caught fish in Australia.


Hi William, Yes all went well and Jon has returned safe and sound. We just want to thank you so much for making the process seamless and not worrisome. Changing the return twice was also stress free having you there to count on. We will definitely be going with your services again down the track. Your warmth and kindness is a sentiment to your commitment. Thank you so much. We will also definitely recommend you to our family , friends and colleagues.

Kind Regards Becc and Jon. X


Whether you want a quiet relaxing holiday or an adrenaline pumping experience of a life time, The Adventure Traveller are your go to team! I have been travelling with Devin for over 10 years and he has taken me to places I never would have dreamed possible. Nothing is too much trouble for Devin and the further you want to get off the beaten track the more he is in his element ticking off your bucket list! Devin’s greatest strength is listening to his clients to ensure your next holiday is exactly what you dreamed of. If you want the hassle taken out of your next holiday give The Adventure Traveller team a call. I wouldn’t organise an overseas adventure with anyone else!!!


Cheery Greetings William, 

It is so good to hear from you again though it is somewhat sad, especially for your business. 

We are very pleased to hear you guys have managed to stay in business though which is awesome.  The travel industry will pick up again eventually, already many people we know are holidaying within Queensland.  

Unfortunately Kai and I cannot afford to catch Coronavirus, given our underlying health problems, our over 55 ages and our being “somewhat portly” we probably would not survive contracting COVID 19.  

We are becoming even more reclusive than we were pre COVID……we can only hope the medicos come up with a vaccine for it or with a cure for it sooner rather than later. 

We would love to travel overseas again one day when COVID is no longer a danger to us.  

With having this rather long enforced break from family and friends and with working from home, we no longer feel like we have to relocate to New Zealand to live, so we are rethinking taking our Finland/England trip again in 2023 when Kai retires, hopefully by then Covid will just be a memory and international travel will be back to a new, regular normal. 

And we will definitely be booking that adventure with you. 

 Thank you and to Cunard for refunding our deposit.  

 We wish you guys every success for your future and as soon as we can we will be back booking our European Extended Holiday with you guys. 

With thanks for the job you do every day William, all the very best wishes to you, your family and to your colleagues, 

Please take care, stay safe and please keep staying COVID free, 

Warm regards as always, 


Our family of four has just returned from the most amazing ski adventure and white Christmas in Canada with an Hawaiian thaw out on the way home. Glenda Geeves from the adventure traveller developed our entire itinerary which included out of the box activities which we would otherwise have missed. This is the reason we have gone back to using travel agents. We do around 2 overseas trips a year and travel agents are definitely the cost effective and efficient way to do it. Glenda was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend The Adventure Traveller.


I used services of The Adventure Traveller for many years. Knowing that I can always count on my agent’s support wherever in the world I might find myself gave me sense of security and peace of mind. Visa trouble in Republic of Georgia or trip cancelled in the middle of my Pan American trip from Alaska to Rio de Janeiro; Devin had a solution! Thanks The Adventure Traveller, you are a great travel companion.


Unbelievably awesome travel agents.


Thanks to Dean our family trip to New York was everything we could imagine. Everything was amazing and I would highly recommend The Adventure Traveller.


Very highly recommended. I saved $500 by booking with them instead of booking with my local travel agent. Their service is also exceptional, they’re all so nice and patient.


Professional from start to finish, Brilliant service from Glenda (including dropping off some Tour bag-tags to my residence). Would recommend.


Just had the most amazing holiday in Vietnam! Thanks Dean, your expertise and advice was awesome as always.


Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating staff!


I highly recommend Devin and his gang at the Adventure Traveller if you a planning a trip in Australia or overseas. He as done a superb job on our upcoming East European trip despite a few political challenges with unrest in Turkey and a number of other places. Have used Devin’s services on previous trips to Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia and Laos and hopefully we look forward to a few more adventures in coming years.


Best travel agent I know. Have had the best holidays since I met them. Highly recommend


Dear William, Dean and Glenda,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your advice, care and attention over the past few years that has so enhanced my travel experiences. Prior to coming to see you all at Adventure Traveller I had always organized my own trips however your recommendations and bookings have opened up new adventures and made my travel experiences all the more enjoyable. From limoncello served at the office prior to my walking holiday in Italy to the laughter and joy of organizing a hiking trip pre World Cup in Japan it has always been a great visit to you all in Paddington. I can’t wait till our world becomes a little more normal and I can organise some more exciting travel with you all.

Good luck and kind regards