Skye - The Adventure Traveller
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More about Skye

Before becoming a Travel Agent: Cabin crew.

Favourite cities: Havana; Vancouver.

Most beautiful place: Rome at night.

Best hotel: Marriott Surfer Paradise.

Best bar: Small with great atmosphere.

Most exciting moment: Swimming with dolphins, Florida

Scariest : Masai Mara Camp site with Rhino outside.

Hottest place: Cairo Egypt.

Best shopping: Bartering on the beaches – Mombasa.

Favourite destinations:Costa Rica; Barbados.

Best Beaches:Maldives; Seychelles.

Most surprising destination:Denver.

Ideal holiday destination:Thailand.

Most fun place: Jamaica.

Most embarrassing: Childhood caravanning.

Most interesting flight: Too many after working on planes!

Coldest place: Germany.

Best food:Tapas in Madrid; Freshly caught fish in Australia.